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What You Need To Know About Feelings And Emotions

The Difference between feelings and emotions

In everyday conversation, most people use these two words interchangeably, but this does not mean that they are one and the same. Unfortunately, there has yet to be an agreement among experts as to what distinguishes a feeling from an emotion. The Feeling Theory of Emotion does equate one with the other, but theres more opposition than support for this line of thinking.

Many renowned philosophers including Aristotle, Descartes, and Spinoza reject the feeling theory because they believe that emotions have a cognitive element. Feelings do not as these are mental states that do not involve cognition.

Other attempts at differentiating the two are less complicated. For the psychologist Robert Plutchik who developed the Wheel of Emotions that is still used as a reference today feelings are simply the result of two core emotions combining. The feeling of contempt, for instance, is the product of the basic emotions anger and disgust.

For many neuroscientists, the difference between emotions and feelings starts with point of origin. An emotion originates from the brains sub cortex region. A feeling, on the other hand, starts in the neocortex. The implications here are simple:

Emotions are the bodys response to external stimuli and are what helped mankind survive and thrive in the world. Feelings are the minds response to emotions. Of course, these are not absolute statements. As mentioned earlier, there is no consensus yet on what emotions and feelings are, and how exactly they are related.

A List of Human Emotions There are many takes on what the basic emotions are. Among the more popular theories are those by Plutchik (mentioned above), and Paul Ekman a psychologist who was one of the first to study the relationship between emotions and facial expressions. Plutchik maintained that there are 8 core emotions (4 pairs of opposites), namely:

Fear - anger Surprise - anticipation Joy - sadness Trust - disgust

Ekman, in his study, brought the number down to 6 universal emotions. These are the following:

Joy Surprise Sadness Disgust Fear Anger

An Important Recent Study

While the two lists mentioned above are referenced often, it is important to note that recent research from the University of Glasgows Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology has further narrowed down the list of basic emotions to four (4):

Happiness Sadness Fear/Surprise Anger/Disgust

The study modifies Ekmans list, and the explanation is that fear and surprise, and anger and disgust, exhibit the same facial expressions. This observation led researchers to combine the said emotions and not treat them as distinct. It was also mentioned that the differences between them developed later, and only for social reasons.

The Secret Behind Choosing The Best Family Attorneys Made Clear

Family problems are inevitable so you must know how to deal correctly with these challenges. There are a few family complications that you cannot resolve through straightforward conversations so in these cases you may need to search for a family lawyer to help you. There are different legal problems like divorce, child custody and more which require the expertise of a lawyer. Family law is really complicated, and you cannot manage everything by yourself, so it is important to know a few things about this.

When it comes to family problems, there are lots of attorneys who can assist you to handle them. We're going to offer you some basic information about the obligations of your lawyer.

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The attorneys will surely help you recognize the things that could happen once the case is brought to court and the outcomes of your actions. The lawyer can also prevent you from shelling out lots of money just to handle the issue legally.

A lawyer cannot simply accept the case without providing any legal assistance to the family because family law is totally different with the other branches of law.

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When Getting A Divorce, Sometimes A Private Investigator Is Needed

What is a private investigator? It's a licensed person who investigates another person, a group of individuals, or a particular situation using investigative techniques and surveillance. They can be full-time employees, independent contractors, or work for police departments, private detective firms, etc.

One situation that may be useful to hire a private investigator is during a divorce. Hiring such a professional could mean the difference between you're winning your divorce battle or losing your divorce battle.

To hire a private investigator, always make sure you do a background check on the potential investigator. Never work with someone who is not entirely legitimate. Ask for references, liability insurance, and a resume. Be sure to interview the private investigator before you work with him or her.

What are some reasons to hire a private investigator for a divorce?

1. To Show That Your Spouse Is Having An Affair

One of the most common reasons to hire a private investigator is to prove that your spouse is cheating. The private investigator has ways to follow a spouse legally and research the behavior of a spouse to see if they are cheating. Photos, phone records, and computer records can then be submitted for evidence. To find out more about infidelity go here

2. To Show That Your Spouse Is Not the Best Parent To Take Care of the Kids

Part of a divorce battle often includes custody. Who gets the kids? If you are certain that you are the better parent; it may be best to hire a private investigator to show that you are the better parent. They can use things such a surveillance equipment to demonstrate that you are the better parent. For example, if you want to show that your spouse is a drunk driver, a private investigator can help prove that.

3. To Show That Your Spouse Is Hiding Money That Belongs To You or To Both You and Your Spouse

There may be hidden assets that you are aware of or not aware of. A private investigator can help you find that. A legitimate private investigator will use legal means to locate the information that you'll need.

Divorces are not something that we seek, but they are common. Hire a private investigator if you feel you need to help to prove things like infidelity or hidden assets, or to show that you are the better parent for your children.