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Working With A Driving Under The Influence Attorney

If you are ever caught driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other intoxicating medication, a good DUI attorney should be able to help you with your predicament. Driving under the influence or more commonly known as DUI is one of the most common reasons why people get pulled over by the police. If you are found guilty of DUI, you could face jail sentence and pay fines according to the laws of your state. It is important for you to find an attorney whose experience with DUI is extensive. As a Buffalo NY DUI attorney with over 20 years of experience I offer the following guidance should you find yourself in this situation.

The first step is to set up a meeting with your attorney. It is during the initial meeting that your attorney will meet with you to discuss your case. Some attorneys are too busy to meet with you so they send their legal staff during the initial meeting. Think about whether you are comfortable working with your attorneys legal team most of the time during our case. Dont worry as this is a common practice and is not a definitive sign that you will not get as much attention as you desire.

At the meeting, bring any documents you might have about the case and show them to the attorney. This could include proof of bail, court documents regarding your DUI charges, and other documentations from the police. If possible, include the names of the people involved in the DUI case. These include the victims (if any) and the witnesses. The DUI attorney will need to review this to see if they have represented or are representing anyone of these people so that there wont be any conflict of interest if they take on your case.

During the meeting with the attorney, you will be asked questions to better understand the nature of your case. Answer as them truthfully and do not leave anything out. No matter how miniscule or insignificant the information is, it could help win your case. It is also of utmost importance that you answer their questions directly and honestly. Lying to the attorney can hurt your case and make him feel like you dont trust him.

Once they have a good picture of your case, they will devise a case management or a plan on how they will handle your case. At this point you can ask your attorney for advice. Ask him directly about the things you should be expecting during the entire legal proceedings of your case. Ask him for their recommendations and insights on your case. Ask for your options like if you should plead guilty or if a trial is required or if a settlement would suffice. Your attorney will probably do his own investigation before giving you your options so try to be patient during this time. If you feel anxious about it, ask your attorney for updates from time to time.

A good attorney will tell you your best possible course of action so pay attention. Weigh your options once your attorney has provided them and let your attorney know what your decision is. Your attorney should then provide you with the details on what could happen to you once you have decided on what course of action to take. No matter what decision you make, a good DUI attorney will always try their best to help you win your case.


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