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The Use Of Body Language To Attain Proper Persuasion

How do you persuade someone? How can you persuade a group of people? Indeed, persuasion is something that is very much difficult to achieve especially if you know so little about the methods, principles and fundamentals employed in various learning method which makes use of the power of the mind to adapt change and behavioral responses.

One should know that the reason as to why a lot of people fail in persuasion is because they have employed the wrong techniques in persuading. True, in as much as persuasion is an art, it is also a science. A lot of people would find it absurd to regard persuasion as a science. But it is, in fact, an actual science. If one knows a thing or two about Neuro-Linguistic Programming which is an effective learning method for you to deal and adapt to the changes and challenges in your environment, one would be able to know that there are effective ways for you to employ persuasion.

Handling persuasion through body language:

No matter how good you are in persuading others through reason, there are still other factors that most people have to consider for them to be persuaded. It is true that valid and justified words make an effective persuasion; body language is actually the most important one. In fact, more than 50% of the message that we convey are done through body language. Thus, it is only but reasonable for the people we interact with to also rely on our body language before they get persuaded.

Fortunately, the following body languages are considered to be very effective so that you will be able to effectively persuade others. These are the following:

The use of your arms

The use of your arms indicate how secured you are when talking with someone. It is best that you dont rains your arms over your chest area because it signifies that you are fearful or being defensive.

Make gestures based on the level of your head

In this way, you are signifying that your energy level is at par especially when you are interacting with people.

Do not do unnecessary moves

Touching your hair, your face or any part of your body especially while you are talking signifies that you are not so sure of yourself. This will discourage people from taking you seriously.

Indeed, there are a lot of ways to persuade people. But having a sure and firm body language allows you better chance to be able to persuade others.


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