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Mother Of The Bride Types

The wedding bells have rung for your daughter. You may have about six months time to get ready for the event that will change her life for good. As a mother it is understandable if you are excited. As you go through the process, it is possible that your personality may change a bit. It is important to recognize which type of mother you have become and try your best to keep relations smooth.

Some mothers remain the same sweet and supportive. They are there to lend a hand when selecting your wedding gown. She may agree on whatever colour you choose for her dress.

High maintenance mothers on the other hand will continue to exhibit a heightened factor during the wedding. She will be visiting the parlours for facials and getting massages for the special day. This kind of mum will get stressed over her looks and seek perfection in every detail. She wouldnt want to dress up any lesser than her bride to be daughter. If this describes your mum, then its best to leave her alone. Get going with your plans.

The over-bearing mum. Some of us have them. They tend to look at the world through their eyes, always. Though they have their hearts in the right place, they forget where to draw a line. The daughter who is the bride to be, turns out in a wedding gown chosen by her, carrying flowers chosen by her and listens to her mothers version of The Wedding March.

And what about the diva mum? They are a notch higher up than the high maintenance mums. She cant share the spotlight with anybody. It has to be her who is the center of all action. You might notice her standing a bit too close to the handsome young ushers for comfort. If that is your mum, then try nipping the diva in the bud. A girls wedding day is her day, a special one. Mothers or anyone else for that matter cannot be allowed to overshadow.

There are others who are less involved and prefer it that way. They are okay to leave the decision makings to their daughters. Disinterested mothers. It may hurt the daughter in you a bit that your mum isnt around to help with the dress or jewellery. But you should know that its the arrangements that she is not interested in and nothing to do with you.

But no matter what type your mother is, as a daughter, you can involve her in the process and make her feel a part of it. By helping her plan her dress and accessories, you can have time together that you will cherish in later years.

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