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Animals Of The Celtic Zodiac

The Celts were very connected with animals and honored the animals and that is why they made animals part of the zodiac signs. The Celts saw animals as having some characteristics that can be associated with human personalities. The animal qualities are given to people based on the date they were born. Let's discover more about the Animal signs of the Celtic Zodiac and look at the characteristics of each one.

Celtic animal signs and their meanings

Stag/deer December 24 January 20 These people can do all they can to fulfill their aspirations. Nothing can deter them from fulfilling their dreams. This is because they are persistent, thorough and patient by nature. For them, the cliché sky is the limit is their slogan. Naturally noble, they believe in hard work and not in shortcuts to success.Integrity is part of a stags trademark.

Cat January 21 February 17 In the realm of intellect, the cat is the main player given their sharp wit and quick-mindedness. They possess that six mental sense that helps them in spotting the underside in situations. Whenever fresh new perspectives are needed, they are the people to be called on board as they possess unorthodox vision. They are observant and this may make them seem aloof in some situations. With good intentions for others, they need an outlet to express their creativity.

Adder/snake February 18 April 14 They are very lively but have a cool exterior at the same time. Always curious and seeking answers to things like how the world work and how people work, adders are to be found in a questioning mode even if they do not ask it loudly. Natural communicators by nature, they can be very persuasive. They are very good in drumming loyalty for their cause to succeed with their enthusiasm and zeal. Despite the fact that they are very flexible they become uncooperative if you try to push them to a corner.

Fox March 18-April 14 Extremely cunning, Foxes know how to impact people using their sexy humor. Their bright intelligence simply makes them untamable. Adventures and vacations are what makes their day. They are storytellers and everything they experience in their life is a story to be told. Cracking jokes may make them seem like people with no tender hearts which is not the case. Highly energetic and courageous, they are very loyal to their friends.

Cow /bull April 15-May 12 They are the kind of people to give you a shoulder you can cry on. They give you solid advice and honest opinions. Highly intuitive, you can mistake them as overemotional or moody. Lies to them are things they can easily detect. They hold elegance in high regard in terms of fashion and décor. They are also secret keepers.

Seahorse May 13 June 9 They are very good in legal matters and managing finances. Their minds are very sharp and they are also very good memorizers. They are charismatic and can also easily blend into any given environment. They enjoy being adored and reciprocate it.

Wren June 10-July 7 To cheer friends and family, they can use sweet melodies. They can simply be described as natural caregivers. They maintain their cool even in tense situations. Working solo is what works in their case. Moral integrity and a sense of responsibility are top in their list.

Horse July 8-August 4 With their talents and confidence, they can be very competitive especially in business matters. Charming and at times flirty, they are charming and gregarious. They are also skilled in carrying themselves with authority and style. Despite the fact that they can make good leaders, they are contented in helping their community.

Fish /salmon August 5- September 1 They are naturally intuitive but do not make it known. They make the best visionaries, poets and artists. They have a unique approach in how they view the world. They at times need their own time in isolation to be more creative.

Swan September 2- September 29 They a keen eye for beauty and very eloquent in expressing themselves. They may be mistaken as detached people as they are very refined and noble. They are very passionate in relationships and also regarded as aristocrats by nature. They are specific in details and organized.

Butterfly September 30- October 27 They are very social and are those usually on the phone chatting. They cannot be tied in one place for so long. They are very cheerful and magnetic. They are empathetic and hate hurting people. They like seeing other people happy.

Wolf/hound October 28- November 24 They have a sense of purpose that see them go to great lengths to achieve their vision. They are brave, fearless and rarely compromise. Challenges are what they like most as it gives them stamina. They are strong willed and become your friend if you share their cause.

Hawk November 25- December 23 They are much focused and go after what they want with a determined force. They like sharing knowledge with others as they care deeply about wisdom. Generosity and philanthropy are part of their nature. They are also philosophical and open minded.


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